Direct To Your Audience

Providing media services to the world's largest entertainment companies.

Secure Streaming Solution

With VMX Stream, studios, distributors, and content creators can use our robust cloud-based streaming solution to reach a much wider audience for their video content while streamlining workflows and significantly reducing costs. Replace shipping DVDs with safe, watermarked HD screeners streamed to mobile or desktop.

Asset Management

Securely store and distribute video content for screening or purchase. Schedule viewing times.

Always-On Security

Your media is protected with DRM, session-based visible and forensic watermarking.


Real-time detailed reports give you insight into your viewers’ engagement patterns.

Native Support

Global CDN for streaming with native apps on iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku.

TV & Film Industry Awards Experts

VMX Awards features a comprehensive suite of services empowering our clients to reach targeted audiences. Digital Screeners, FYC sites, eBlast and awards fulfillment make Vision Media the first choice for studios and content creators. Vetted and approved by all guilds and membership groups, Vision Media reaches voters worldwide.

FYC Websites

“For Your Consideration” websites managed by a dynamic video platform.

eBlast Marketing

List management experts allow you to reach voters and membership groups quickly and effectively.


Worldwide fulfillment services means your physical DVD or Blu-Ray screeners will reach voters on time.


Certified safe by all guilds and membership groups in the film and media industries.

Fulfillment & Logistics Specialists

Over 35 years of experience providing premier end-to-end worldwide physical fulfillment services placing your product one day away from your customers. Solutions to scale from the simplest press kit assembly project to multi-million unit promotional programs

Ordering & Receiving

Warehouse facilities across the nation to distribute inventory.

Warehouse Management Software

Cloud-based software for inventory and analytics.

Best Freight Rates

Receive the best prices and fastest carriers.

Integrated UPS & Fedex Hubs

Partner facilities for inventory and 24/7 order processing.