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Reach targeted audiences with our comprehensive suite of awards services. Digital Screeners, FYC sites, eBlast and awards fulfillment make Vision Media the first choice for studios and content creators. Vetted and approved by all guilds and membership groups, Vision Media reaches voters worldwide.

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Vision Media’s awards services

Garner awards attention for your content


Secure Delivery

Screener Passport delivers secure screeners on all devices.

EBlast service

eBlasts services led by list management specialists.


FYC Sites

FYC sites managed by a dynamic video platform.


Certified safe by all Guilds and membership groups.


Fulfillment team moves Awards FYC products faster.

Awards Specialists

Year round focus on awards. 24x7x365.


of 2023 Oscar nominees use Vision Media awards services

Vetted by all guilds, membership groups & critics

Vision Media is the industry’s trusted partner for awards consideration, with certifications and representative agreements with all guilds. Each year we help studios and content owners reach 70+ guilds and membership groups with certified email outreach. Our confidential list management awards services deliver eblasts and physical mailings to global voting members.

Devices with Screener Passport

secure streaming platform

Screener Passport

Screener Passport is a secure streaming platform used to screen award nominated titles to voters and member groups. With a sleek UI and robust video player, the screener platform creates a high-end viewing experience across all major viewing applications. Available as a white-label, client-branded solution.


Watch secure screeners on desktop, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast & Roku.
Dynamic DRM and Forensic Watermarking.
Reaches Global viewers via leading Content Delivery Networks(CDNs).
4K Streaming, 5:1 Audio Available.
Technical Support via email and chat.

Digital & Physical
Mail House

Effectively reach all voters and membership groups with our preferred promotion and communication tools.


List Management experts certified with all guilds and memberships groups.
Dynamic platform supports most email templates and designs.
Quick and easy on-boarding ensure timely delivery of promotional messaging.
Rush Services available upon request.

Awards Fulfillment
& Logistics

Proven Awards experience in end-to-end worldwide physical fulfillment services ensure your DVD and Blu-Ray screeners are in voter hands on time. Mastering and Replication services upon request.


Awards-Certified mail house.


Ability to support crowded voting windows.

Virtual Hub Status

FedEx and UPS late-day pick ups for increased daily efficiency.

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