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The most trusted secure screening platform

For more than three decades, studios and guilds have trusted Vision Media to manage content distribution. We help ensure that every screener you send is both hassle- and headache-free, so you can get back to creating.

Easily deliver secure screeners across all devices with best-in-class security including DRM, session-based watermarking and protected viewing windows.

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Secure Video Screening For Your Titles

Easily manage your media with studio-grade tools

Upload 100x fAster

Our high-speed uploader saves you time. It accepts all standard media formats, is resumable if connectivity is lost, and allows multiple files to be ingested at once.

Accessibility at our core

From closed captioning and multiple audio descriptions, to 150+ languages available for subtitles/captioning, our best-in-class options let you make the right impression.

Studio-approved security

Enjoy Always-On security, protecting your media with DRM, session-based visible and forensic watermarking. Vetted by all major studios for trusted security.

ANALYZE with robust reporting

Real-time detailed viewing, playback, and streaming reports are available. Learn about your viewer’s behavior and engagement patterns.

Transcode all file types

Powerful, scalable cloud transcoders prepares your media for streaming. We support multi-bitrate, 4k streaming, 5:1 audio, closed captions and audio descriptions. 

Fully customizable screening rooms

Your brand, your way. Create your own screening rooms with ease and customize your viewing experience to fully match your brand.

Stream anywhere, anytime

Deliver your media to any device, anywhere in the world using our global CDN. Native app support for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku.   

ARCHIVE & search your library

Securely store your media with our DAM solution.  Easily search and retrieve source material, metadata, and images, with support for annotations and commenting. 

Send securely, track results

What can be measured, can be improved. Do you know how your videos are performing when sharing an early cut of your film, how-to videos for your team, or episodes of your TV content? No matter what kind of content you need to share, we make it simple to showcase your videos and track results.


Customize your screening rooms

Create your own screening rooms with ease and customize your screening rooms to match your look and feel. Sharing an early cut of your film, how-to videos for your team, or episodes of your TV content? We have tools for non-designers and designers alike, with the ability to adjust your background, add HMTL, and make your viewing experience entirely your own.


Manage approvals and reviews

Collaborate with remote teams to review and annotate audio and video for immediate feedback. Our collaboration-friendly platform allows you to share content internally and externally, with full tracking and commenting.



Cloud-based Digital Asset Management

Store source materials in a secure media locker with an automatic proxy file created for easy search and discovery. Easily search and share from one secure location, with assured security for your library featuring cloud-based Digital Asset Management.



Start screening your content for free

Sharing your film or TV titles? Send securely, collaborate internally, and enjoy the powerful tools that the largest media and entertainment leaders use, all for free.

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Exquisite video quality, anywhere you want to watch

Our viewing experiences have been built and designed to delight audiences with studio-grade quality. Let your viewers select their screen of choice to interact with your titles.

Invite your audience to experience your titles across all leading viewing applications, with native app support for desktop, iPhone, Android, Chromecast, iOS, Apple and Roku.

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First-class secure streaming to protect your valuable content

Why use tools that make your titles vulnerable when sharing online? Our powerful Always-On security means that your streams are secure whether playing in your site, a video call, or within our dedicated platform. Enjoy peace of mind knowing our tools help protect you from vulnerabilities and unsecure sharing.

We understand how important it is to protect your investment when it comes to your titles. As entertainment’s trusted platform, we help studios, producers, distributors, guilds and more to feel at ease when sharing their content thanks to our unparalleled secure video.

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languages supported for subtitles and captioning

How does your screener security stack up?

When it comes to your content, are your screeners fully secure? We ensure that your security is top priority with these key features:

  • Digital rights management (DRM): our DRM secures your titles and helps manage the legal access to digital content
  • Flexible watermarking (visible/forensic): our flexible watermarking solutions to help you individualize and ensure your unique security needs
  • Geo IP Tracking: we offer a full view of IP activity, allowing admins to ensure that only authenticated devices are able to access their content​
  • SSO for Secure login: our SSO provides an important barrier in the security puzzle that can help defend against breech​
  • No simultaneous playback: our player does not allow concurrent streams, and notifies admins if there are attempts made
  • No unsecure sharing: if someone attempts to share video via video conferencing, screen recordings, or other tools, our player instantly blocks the video from being shown
  • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA): we add in MFA to ensure layers of additional security

    Best-in-class screening and publicity

    Video screening built to scale with your needs

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    5GB of storage
    10GB of bandwidth
    Unlimited viewers
    Custom branded screening rooms and more

    Overages billed at $2.50 per GB