Secure Video Streaming Solution

Entertainment’s Trusted Secure Screening Platform

For more than three decades, studios and guilds have trusted Vision Media to manage content distribution for secure video screening rooms, digital marketing campaigns, and awards consideration. Easily deliver secure screeners across all devices with best-in-class security including DRM, session-based watermarking and protected viewing windows.

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Reduce costs with online screeners

Replace shipping DVDs with safe, watermarked HD screeners streamed to mobile devices or computers. You control who has access to view your content with password-protected private screening rooms with email invitations. You can even set custom broadcast windows to restrict viewing to a certain time.

Flexible, scalable video transcoding

From proxy files, to complex HD and UHD broadcast video, VMX Stream has your transcoding needs covered. Included in every package is access to our powerful, elastic transcoding servers. On-demand transcoding is available at the click of a mouse button. VMX Stream supports ingestion of most all digital media files and can output to your needs with custom profiles.

Manage approvals and reviews

Collaborate with remote teams to review and annotate audio and video for immediate feedback. The VMX Stream platform allows you to share content internally and externally, with full tracking and commenting.

Cloud Digital Asset Management

Store source materials in a secure media locker with an automatic proxy file created for easy search and discovery. Never purchase an external hard drive again, take advantage of VMX Stream’s scalable media locker for robust Digital Asset Management in the cloud.

Secure Video Screening For Your Titles

Easily manage your media


Our high-speed uploader accepts all standard media formats, is resumable if connectivity is lost, and allows multiple files to be ingested at once.


Always-On security means your media is protected with DRM, session-based visible and forensic watermarking. Ensure safe distribution and protected viewing windows. 


Real-time detailed viewing, playback, and streaming reports are available. Learn about your viewer’s behavior and engagement patterns.


Powerful, scalable cloud transcoders will prepare your media for streaming.  Multiple resolutions, quality, and bitrates. Closed captions and audio descriptions. 


Deliver your media to any device, anywhere in the world using our global CDN. Native app support for iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku.   


Securely store your media in our digital asset management platform.  Search and retrieve source material, metadata, and images.  Support for annotations and commenting. 

Beautiful Branded Screening Rooms

Screening & Publicity

Built to scale with your needs

Overages billed at $2.50 per GB