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Entertainment’s Trusted Secure Screening Platform

For more than three decades, studios and guilds have trusted Vision Media to manage content distribution for secure screening rooms, digital marketing campaigns, and awards consideration. Screener Passport is Vision Media’s streaming solution, sought out by industry experts due to its flexibility, unmatched security features, and ability to offer high-end viewing experience across all leading viewing applications.

You care about your content and want it to reach your audiences safely and securely.

Vision Media’s deep commitment to providing the safe distribution and storage of digital content has continued to make it a first choice for entertainment leaders. With session-based watermarking, DRM and protected viewing windows available for all screeners, the platform allows studios and content owners to individualize and ensure their unique security needs.


Deliver secure digital screeners to viewers globally
Supporting multiple studios and awards guilds and membership groups
Multi-bitrate, 4k streaming, 5:1 Audio
Support for unique per stream dynamic forensic watermarking
Watch screeners on desktop browsers, iOS devices (including AppleTV), Android devices, Chromecast, and Roku

The most secure way to reach awards audiences

Vision Media has built a streaming platform that content creators use to distribute screeners to voting groups and guilds during awards seasons as well as year-round. As studios and distributors looked to streamline their awards efforts and outreach, they turned to Vision Media to reach key voting groups at scale through a secure and efficient screening platform.

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Secure Video Screening For Your Titles

Easily manage your media with studio-grade tools


Our high-speed uploader accepts all standard media formats, is resumable if connectivity is lost, and allows multiple files to be ingested at once.


Always-On security means your media is protected with DRM, session-based visible and forensic watermarking. Ensure safe distribution and protected viewing windows. 


Real-time detailed viewing, playback, and streaming reports are available. Learn about your viewer’s behavior and engagement patterns.


Powerful, scalable cloud transcoders will prepare your media for streaming.  Multiple resolutions, quality, and bitrates. Closed captions and audio descriptions. 


Deliver your media to any device, anywhere in the world using our global CDN. Native app support for iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku.   


Securely store your media in our digital asset management platform.  Search and retrieve source material, metadata, and images.  Support for annotations and commenting.