Fulfillment & Logistics

Move your product with our premier end-to-end worldwide physical fulfillment services – placing your product one day away from your customers. Solutions to scale your project from the simplest press kit assembly project to multimillion-unit promotional programs. Vision Media has the expertise and scalability to fulfill our clients’ vision with speed, accuracy and the highest levels of service. Top brands and companies trust us to fulfill their vision combining speed, accuracy, and service.

The right 3PL partner can help manage costs, scale your business, and drive revenue


What is a 3PL partner?

A 3PL partner is an organization who you can outsource operational logistics and freight processes for receiving, warehousing, transportation, picking and packing, order fulfillment, packaging, and freight forwarding services. 


Reasons to choose Vision Media as your 3PL partner

Quick Set-up

Move product faster with Vision Media as your third-party logistics (3PL) partner. Connect your ecommerce store seamlessly with the VMx Warehouse Management Software. Instantly plug your organization into a supply-chain network of carriers moving product on day one. Our nationwide network of field representative can ensure your brand identity is when your product arrives at the destination.


Our expert team has 35 years of logistics knowledge evaluating reliable transportation networks with the highest levels of service. Work with a team that is actively investing resources in developing technology to improve functionality and theatrical database information collection to ensure high-quality data for campaign management

Save Money

Vision Media gives you access to a network of carriers with cost-effective shipping rates and methods. Eliminate the challenges and resources required to launch logistic operations including warehousing, infrastructure, scaling production, hiring, training, permitting, plus equipment and insurance costs related to establishing a new business.


Vision Media as your third-party logistics provider can provide flexible labor and warehousing space to scale from smaller single product campaigns to larger assembly, kitting, and VIP item kit projects. Services are used on an as-needed basis saving you money when volumes are low and providing the necessary infrastructure during peak volume periods.

Expedite Shipping

Vision Media has 4 warehousing facilities across 3 states enabling distributed inventory. Ship products to customers faster without increasing costs or paying for higher service levels. Geo-target your warehousing and fulfilment orders and place your customers within one day of your products.

Access Carrier Network & Freight Rates

Whether using your own carrier rates or Vision Media’s competitive shipping and freight rates, you can ensure you receive the best prices and fastest carriers for moving your materials. Save money and keep your customers happy with competitive shipping rates.

Solution Sets



Pick, Pack & Ship

Integrated FedEx & UPS Hubs


VMx Warehouse Management System


  • 3rd Party Penetration Testing
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Machine language protection
  • Third-party security audits


  • Partner facilities for inventory
  • Simple to complex projects
  • Geo-targeted 
  • 24/7 Order Processing


  • eCommerce connections
  • Cloud-based
  • Access real-time inventory 
  • Data analytics

Vision Media Global Footprint

Vision Media storage facilities offer seamless global fulfillment across many business verticals. With over 52,000 pallets worldwide matched to an industry-leading inventory management system we provide secure global solutions for any of your fulfillment needs.

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Vision Media is a proud and trusted partner of over 280 clients in the Film, TV, Home Entertainment, Streaming and Consumer Products industries