Cloud Innovation at the core: Vision Media Stays Ahead of the Curve with AWS

November 14, 2023
Cloud Innovation at our core: Vision Media stays ahead of the curve with AWS

The story of Vision Media is synonymous with innovation. The company was born in the 1980s as a studio provider, and has grown continually into its current role as a leading cloud technology streaming provider for the entertainment community. From awards services to secure digital screening tools, Vision Media’s has been able to leverage the new technology quickly. innovation-driven mindset allowed us to help steward entertainment leaders’ pivot from physical to digital screeners, streamline digital asset management delivery and storage, and harden our screening rooms with the highest level of security available.

Today on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog, we chart our digital journey in the cloud. AWS has been core to our ability to scale quickly. We are lucky to have some of the largest brands in entertainment use our secure screening tools and Screener Passport platform to distribute and promote their content in compliance with studios and all major guilds.  This April, we also launched our free Starter Plan, allowing more organizations to share their high-value video content securely online.

“What started out as an idea to help creative organizations of all shapes and sizes share their movies, TV shows, and other media content with audiences on a budget quickly became a comprehensive tool with DRM, session-based watermarking, protected viewing windows,  metadata integration, and more. The Starter Plan provides studio grade tools at no cost, and as customers grow, the platform can grow with them to help accommodate their needs. With AWS and its responsive support team, we were able to scale our technology quickly and efficiently to seamlessly execute on this vision.”

- Joanna Syiek, Sr. Director of Marketing, Vision Media

Vision Media has been a trusted studio partner for decades. We also felt it was important to expand our offering to serve a wider base of entertainment professionals. Recognizing that not everyone has the luxury of studio budgets, we worked to create a solution for independent film teams. The Starter Plan is a comprehensive tool with DRM, session-based watermarking, protected viewing windows,  metadata integration, and more. It allows teams access to a studio grade platform, for free.

How can I get start sharing my video for free?

To access the free service today, users can sign up for an account on the Vision Media site. The Starter Plan is unique when compared to other free video tools, which may redirect audiences to other content after watching your title. It is the simplest way to have a secure, private and customizable screening room for your content.