Vision Media Introduces its Awards Portal

November 7, 2023
Welcome to the Vision Media Awards Portal for streamlining your awards season

With 87% of Oscar nominees turning to Vision Media for awards services last year, we understand how it important it is for our clients to be able to seamlessly set up and monitor campaigns around their awards nominated content. Our awards expertise helps entertainment leaders to be successful in the midst of a busy award season. This year, we are launching the Vision Media Awards Portal to help our clients streamline all of their awards campaigns in one powerful tool. 

The Awards Portal is your full service solution for managing all of your awards campaigns. Studios, agencies and even guilds can leverage the portal to and streamline their awards activities for the coming year.

Those with content up for awards consideration can easily submit their awards titles to all major guilds and membership groups, monitor all active campaigns in one place, and stay on top of awards season with our industry-trusted resources.

Contact our awards team to learn more and gain access.

How does Vision Media’s Awards Portal help me during awards season?

Does awards season usually have you overworked and overstressed? Our new full service solution helps you manage all of your awards campaigns in one place. This season is already off to a fast start, and this portal allows you to set up titles, upload everything you need for your awards campaigns, and submit view all of your active campaigns in a single view.

Instead of having to navigate multiple tools for campaign management, we created the Awards Portal to simplify your awards season. Easily choose which guilds or groups you would like to include in your outreach. Keep track of important upcoming deadlines with our helpful awards resources as well. Guilds can also use the tool to keep their audience lists fully up to date.

Save time and streamline your awards activities for the coming year. Reach out to our awards team to place your orders today. 

Awards Portal welcome from Vision Media
The Awards Portal from Vision Media. Welcome to a stress free awards season.
How do I keep track of the shifting dates of awards season?

Our Awards Portal also has easy tools not only for tracking your own campaigns, but for keeping tabs on other important awards dates. From a robust Awards Calendar template for deadline tracking, to membership resources with submission guidelines for every guild and membership group, we help to make sure that your awards campaigns go smoothly, so you can get back to creating award-worthy content.

To learn more, contact our awards team.