Embed anywhere and new video functionality from Vision Media

September 7, 2023
Vision Media video functionality improvements and embed everywhere

The Vision Media development team has been busy lately adding robust video functionality to help support your screening activities.  We are happy to share these latest improvements which are now available:

Enhanced Tamper Protection

Security is central to our company DNA, and we know how important it is to our clients as well. We’ve improved our watermark security to identify and prohibit any attempts for video piracy or alteration via source code modification. We have established additional measures to alert and re-render the webpage into its original format if our system detects any tampering. 

Improved Subtitle and Caption Support for Global Viewers

We fully support 150+ languages for subtitle or captioning on desktop, mobile and connected televisions. Captions can be added or removed at any time through the web interface and do not have to be submitted with the file itself. This means you have full flexibility when it comes to adding or updating subtitles and captions on your video files. You don’t have the subtitles ready upon ingest? Not a problem. You can upload or remove them at a later date.

Starter Account Available for Free Secure Screening

We recently launched a free version of our screening solution, Screener Passport. Recognizing that finding a quality screener solution can often be cost-prohibitive for independents, smaller organizations, and more, Vision Media wanted to offer a solution to help creatives of all sizes share their movies, TV shows, and media. Creators can add videos, customize screening rooms to a brand’s look, and easily send invites. 

Vision Media features key video functionality for Screener Passport

UI/UX Enhancements

Our design team has been hard at work improving our user interface and user experience across all platforms to make the system as easy and enjoyable to use as possible. Continue to be on the lookout for ongoing upgrades across the design and layout as we update across all of our native apps and instances.

Video Functionality Performance Improvements

We continue to prioritize user experience, and we have been making ongoing performance improvements to optimize playback across desktop, mobile and connected devices. These improvements have led to faster playback and improved viewing experience for our global viewers. 

Embed anywhere

Embed your video everywhere your brand wants to be. We’ve been working diligently on making a secure modular embeddable video player for our users. We’ve helped our guild partners build one-off video solutions in the past. We also heard you when you said that you would benefit from this option as well. These embeddable video options will be great for those that want to host secure video in their own ecosystem or webpage, and will allow viewers to play content on the wide range of different apps, browsers, and systems. Contact us if you’re interested in embeddable viewing experiences for your content.

Our best-in-class tools to help entertainment leaders of all sizes to share, showcase, and securely store your titles. These improvements across video functionality, improved access, and better global accessibility help everyone from independent producers to major entertainment studios to make exceptional impressions when it comes to sharing video.