Everything, everywhere: navigating cloud-based media ecosystems

June 20, 2023
EverythingEverywhere Cloud-Based Media Ecosystem MESA Vision Media

Cloud-based media means every file you need is everywhere, all at once. MESA featured Vision Media in its Spring 2023 M+E Journal with advice on how to navigate entertainment’s new media ecosystem. The publication focuses on insights from more than two dozen MESA members, with features on automation, workflows, smart content and security solutions. This journal provides senior media and entertainment executives with intel to help them shape their companies’ digital futures.

Vision Media recognizes that the way we create, distribute, and consume entertainment media has changed dramatically. The age of cloud-based distributed media has begun. The piece outlines how organizations can prepare for unique obstacles presented by cloud-based workflows.

The new cloud-based distributed media ecosystem features decentralized, collaborative processes where organizations create, edit, and spread media across multiple locations and formats. Cloud technologies dominate this new system. Also, there is a particular emphasis on tools that allow media professionals to collaborate and share content in real-time, regardless of their physical location. We learned to navigating the recent years of the pandemic thanks in large part to cloud-based media, and digital productivity and collaboration tools. While distributed cloud technologies were not new to global businesses, they have become integral to the way we work.

From cloud-based productions to unprecedented storage demands, the digital supply chain and media ecosystem has never been more challenging. Vision Media’s article explores how multiple sources, in multiple formats from multiple locations presents new challenges in this new media ecosystem. Find the company’s contribution in the Workflows and the Cloud section.