Vision Media offers key advice for staying ahead of the curve

December 8, 2022
Security Solutions_ Staying Ahead of the Curve_ Vision Media

MESA’s Winter 2022 M+E Journal featured Vision Media with advice on staying ahead of the curve within content security. The publication focuses on insights from more than two dozen MESA members, digging into issues surrounding localization, smart technology, cloud workflows and security solutions. This journal provides senior media and entertainment executives with intel to help them shape their companies’ digital futures.

Vision Media recognizes that the increasing demand for video content underlines the need for additional streaming flexibility. But with global piracy costs representing up to 24% of lost revenue, it is critical to focus on minimizing vulnerabilities. The piece outlines six robust, secure and easily-accessible steps that individuals can take to ensure their content is secure.

Content for film and television distribution also requires a large investment of time and money. Once studios and content makers have finished creating a piece of media, they must then contend with various market pressures. These pressures include shrinking windows, consumer demands, and the need for high quality playback and bandwidth. All of these demands have led to an ever-increasing pressure to tighten security measures to protect high-value content.

Vision Media’s article explores the secure workflows and protections content owners can employ to fully protect their titles. Find the company’s contribution in the Security Solutions section.

When it comes to the question of what’s next for screener security, it
will be necessary to consider the modes in which audiences will be engaging with content. AR, VR, and MR technology continues to become more mainstream for consumers and the metaverse’s development is clipping along at an accelerated pace.

- Vision Media, Winter 2022 M+E Journal