Vision Media Integrates IBM Aspera to Supercharge Upload Speeds for Film and TV Awards Titles

September 12, 2022
Vision Media integrates IBM Aspera to increase File Transfer Speeds

Vision Media,  the media and entertainment industry’s global leader of digital and physical marketing and fulfillment services, has offered comprehensive awards support for over three decades for studios, agencies and content creators. Studios look to Vision Media’s streaming solution in the lead up to award ceremonies such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Spirit Awards, Producers Guild of America Awards and Directors Guild of America Awards to be able to send secure screeners to awards voters, VIPs and publicity audiences for their review. The video platform has been the preferred choice of the industry due to its flexibility, unmatched security features, and ability to offer high-end viewing experience across all leading viewing applications. The company now leverages IBM Aspera software to increase file transfer speeds for awards nominated films and TV programs on its secure screening platform. 

Studios need to deliver multiple terabytes of film and television titles to voters in the run-up to awards season each year. To handle this need, Vision Media has been the preferred awards partner, delivering secure screeners across all devices with best-in-class security features including DRM, session-based watermarking and protected windows to awards audiences. Vision Media saw a 94% Year on Year growth in awards titles shared on its platform from 2020 to 2021, and was looking for a solution to shorten the delivery time from when a studio uploaded its content, to when it was received. Shortening these file transfer windows would help clients to fully streamline their awards and publicity outreach. 

To offer time-savings for the media and entertainment industry during awards season and throughout the year, VIsion Media integrated Aspera into its secure screening workflow. By including Aspera’s solution, Vision Media was able to ensure optimized data transfers with security and speed at the forefront of the solution. Transferring large, high-resolution files of 100+ GB using traditional FTP methods are impractical.  Aspera provides a solution to transfer these large files and a 100x speed improvement.