Vision Media Focuses on Digital Growth and adds Joanna Syiek to Head up Marketing

June 8, 2022
Digital growth Joanna Syiek

Vision Media, the entertainment industry’s global leader of digital and physical marketing and fulfillment services, recently experienced significant digital growth. The company led the way through the shifting landscape of the past two years with its best-in-class secure streaming media platform.  Amid the pandemic, Vision Media continued its commitment to providing the safe distribution and storage of digital content, with first-class screening security features including DRM, session-based watermarking, and protected viewing windows. With its cutting-edge digital solutions (Screener Passport, VMX Stream and VMX Awards), studios and content owners could offer high-end viewing experiences across all major viewing platforms without interruption.

From its long history of providing physical marketing, promotional support and expert professional services to its entertainment partners, Vision Media has leveraged its expertise to help clients reach further with its cutting-edge digital solutions as well. It has received consistent rankings as top performer in terms of security standards, and recently released an in-depth study on protecting vulnerable film and television content both before and after release. Vision Media is trusted by clients including Netflix, NBC Universal, Hulu, MGM, Searchlight Pictures, Peacock and more.

Founded 1986, Vision Media is celebrating more than 35 years of creative achievement and technological innovation by focusing on digital growth.

“As pandemic constraints limited in-person screenings, Vision Media provided the solution. Using our best-in-class digital offerings, studios and content owners were able to create press rooms, provide secure screenings, host and promote events, and store their content – all safeguarded by our proprietary security tools and protocols.”

Vision Media CEO, Tim Shanahan.

Vision Media recently tapped Joanna Syiek to lead its marketing efforts as the Senior Director of Marketing. Syiek has worked in the media space for over a decade, where she established a reputation for helping to develop global marketing strategies and to grow businesses at the intersection of entertainment and technology. “Vision Media is such an exciting partner for the entertainment community at large.” said Syiek.

“I’m thrilled to join the team and have the opportunity to contribute at this integral moment of Vision Media’s growth, as they support a longstanding promotion and fulfillment business while leading the way with an exemplary offering in the digital transformation space.”

 “Joanna is well poised to help current and prospective customers understand the value of Vision Media.” said Shanahan. “Like many of us, she comes from an international media background, so there’s great alignment with our process, culture and ongoing goals. Her vision for seeing what’s next in media and entertainment will help us really grow our marketing efforts.”

 Joanna Syiek has significant experience developing global growth and marketing strategies and has a background in digital marketing, strategic planning and new media initiatives, with a focus on VOD platforms. Previously, she worked at RightsTrade, Disney and the Independent Film and Television Alliance where she focused on finding growth opportunities for 145 member companies. Syiek received a bachelor of arts degree from UCLA and an MBA from HEC Paris (#1 in Europe in the 2022 Financial Times global ranking) where she also received the MBA Leadership Award.

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