Vision Media announces the Sale of Digital Media/Signage and Concession Lines of Business

July 12, 2021
Digital Vision Media Logo On A Wall

Vision Media has sold the Digital Signage and Media business (from the 2016 Cinema Scene acquisition) to Ohio based Velocity, A Managed Service Company.  In a separate but related transaction, the Concessions business (from the 2016 Cinema Scene acquisition) was sold to Golden Link, Inc, a New York based company. 

These transactions underly Vision Media’s move to becoming a digital first enterprise supported by physical fulfillment.  “Vision Media’s journey to a digital-first enterprise supported by a global physical fulfillment  capability was accelerated by the pandemic.  To meet the needs of our media and entertainment clients, we are making significant investments in our digital footprint, anchored by streaming and content security,” said Michelle Ross, CEO of Vision Media.

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