Coral Gables Museum Launches Documentary Dock in Partnership with Vision Media

May 29, 2020
Documentary series partnership Coral Gables Museum and Vision Media

Vision Media and Coral Gables Museum partner, creating a special invitation for members to see the award-winning documentary film “Uncanny: The Dolls of Mariana Monteaguedo”. Coral Gables has launched a new Documentary Dock series bringing unique films to its members. Our technology has enabled the museum to create a unique at-home artistic experience to bring members closer to the artists behind the work.

“Art has proven to be essential in times of crisis and, these days, the ability to deliver it to our public online has been key in continuing to fulfill our mission. Working with Vision Media allows us to securely share content that cannot be left alone online. It is the closest we can get to the physical museum experience.” Says Yuneikys Villalonga, Chief Curator of the Coral Gables Museum.